2019 Programme

Saturday 30th March 2019 – 9.30am – 5pm

St Peter’s Place The Church
9.30 Book Sale – doors open
9.30 – 12.00 Coffee and cakes
9.45 – 10.45 The Stone Circle

Elly Griffiths comes to Fishbourne to discuss her best-selling crime novels including the Dr Ruth Galloway and Stephens & Mephisto series and her recent standalone: The Stranger Diaries. Elly will also share how she became a writer and the truth behind her name!

Elly Griffiths  

10.45 – 11.15 Book signing

Elly Griffiths

11.00 – 12.00   Shakespeare’s Life in London

Nobody knows the identity of the ‘Dark Lady’ of Shakespeare’s Sonnets. Shakespeare writes about her as brown-skinned, promiscuous and likely to pass on a venereal infection. One of the most infamous women in Renaissance London was ‘Black Lucy’, a notorious brothel madam from Clerkenwell. What were her links to the world of the London theatres? Is it plausible that Shakespeare might have been in love with a black prostitute? This talk focuses on Shakespeare’s life in London, the development of his art, and some of the more transgressive aspects behind his work

Duncan Salkeld

12.00 – 1.00    Creating Villanelle

 In the last twelve months the TV series Killing Eve, and the novels which gave rise to it, have taken the world by storm. Author Luke Jennings describes how he came to create his psychopathic anti-heroine, and her nemesis, Eve.

Luke Jennings

   1.00 – 1.30  Book signings

Duncan Salkeld and Luke Jennings

12.00 – 2.00  Lunch
2.00 – 3.00  ‘Battlefields, Biography and Botanical Gardens’

Peter Parker, in a wide-ranging conversation with Richard Bates, will explain how he started out writing about the First World War and how he came, via literary biographies, to write about botanical Latin, which he believes is not only useful, but fun.

Peter Parker

3.00 – 3.30 Book signing

Peter Parker

2.00 – 4.30 Tea and cakes
3.30 – 4.30  The Burning Chambers

Covering 300 years of history, spanning from Languedoc in 1562 to the beautiful mountainous landscape of Franschhoek, bestselling author Kate Mosse will introduce the first novel in this new historical adventure series, The Burning Chambers as well as giving us a taster of what might come next.

Kate Mosse

4.30 – 5.00 Book signing

Kate Mosse

4.30 – 5.00 “Book grab” – buy a carrier bag for £2 and fill it with as many books as you can carry


The information regarding this programme is correct at date of publication but we reserve the right to alter the programme if necessary.